Robots And Robots

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This generation is the generation of technology. Society is so fixated in technology that everyone including toddlers know how to control it. Lately there 's been interest in new and improved technology including robots. Robots are seen places where they 're needed. As humans we are not capable of particular things, such as lifting a hundred pound box or sewing a tiny vessel in surgery. Hard things we are not capable of are reinsured with robots. Robots are use everywhere for any purpose. Technology has made history, in which will continue to expand and advance in the long run. Now there 's talk about using self-driving cars, which can replace Uber or Lyft, and robots in grocery stores. Some food places have computers, such as tablets taking order. Since technology including robots are advancing, what 's next?? Will robots be so huge that they will take many jobs leaving people unemployed? Whenever technology makes a big impact resulting in robots taking jobs there would need to be a new system put into place. A blogger; Kevin Drum states “Robots will run companies better than you do”, is this the case? Drum goes on about how robots are better than human and that they will keep advancing. Drum predicts within the future that half of jobs will be controlled by robots. First, how would society make a living? If jobs are taken by robots, what is left for us? Mark Simon writes, “Who Will Pay For The Future If Not The Robots?” which discusses the outcome of robots

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