Robots In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, there are many fascinating points made throughout the book. The connection of the creature and the future of robotics is extremely strong throughout. The book frankenstein provides great information and an ideal plotline of a creature. Soon enough, robots will possibly become superior to us humans because of the scientists creating realistic body features. These scientists have been focusing on three specific laws for the past sixty some years while looking at different points to think about in the process of creating such a life changing creature.
Frankenstein, puts an interesting view on body modifications into aspect. This book is a story of the formation of a creature. Victor Frankenstein was going through
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Machines have slowly but surely taken over our lives own piece at a time. “They record our shows, cook our food, play our music, and even run our cars (” Yes, they’ve been in our lives in a small way but when it becomes significant and costly, who is is given the opportunity of owning a robot? This is a real question of ethics and who gets the chance. Is it only those that are wealthy enough or is it need based? Obviously, robots will cost a large chunk of money, with all the technology behind them. The military already use robots, they are currently used for health care and home cleaning. What will they be used for in the future? I believe they could act as anything a person aspires them to be. One of the largest areas that robots will be used for in the future is driverless cars. “Within ten years, roads will be full of driverless cars (” The same question comes to mind, how much does this cost? This may be a car that only those that are wealthy can afford. With some cars run by humans and some run by robots how does each car react in different situations? These are all important questions researchers and scientists are looking into. There are many similarities within the creature of Frankenstein and the future robots that will roam our earth. Soon enough humans will be forced to share everything with robots, exactly how Victor and his family had to share the world with the creature. We have to prepare for the robots to become superior to us and learn how to prevent it. Also, there are many questions as to how the robot will correspond with the rest of the world. The future of robotics is still very
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