Robots: Rhetorical Analysis Of Us And Them By Chris Carroll

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The emerging of advanced robots has changed the way people think about their purposes in the real world. In the article “Us. And them”, Chris Carroll as an author attempted to challenge humans whether they are ready to meet and face futuristic robots or not. The main purpose of author is introducing variation of robots creation and their main roles in humans’ environment to notify humans about their future existence.

In the first few paragraphs, Carroll presents Actroid android as a new type of robots related with public, private, non-industrial service. It is clear in his example of Actroid robots that their developer focuses on physical appearance and professional character in order to work in human environment (p.1). In decade, robots
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Refers to Peter Kahn article “What Is a Human” (2007), consideration of moral and ethical in robots is important to measure how people think about robot (p.3). Carroll provides a big question about the probability of machine creation with conscience element in its system (p.3). This is principally because of the notorious development of robots to create dangerous weapon for war and combat (pp.3-4).

Carroll uses complete and detail examples to strengthen the message of article without stating the supporting evidence. The method is used to target general and IT reader to prevent boredom. However, the author position is quite ambiguous in this article.

In the author style, Carroll combines his writing with several questions to attract reader engagement and critical thinking. However, this article is lack of introduction and conclusion. In consequence, it can confuse the reader about the purpose and main point of the article.

In conclusion, from the title, Carroll wants to give clear separation between human and robot. The positive and negative impacts of robots are covered in magnificent way. Overall, this article is good to be assignment four,
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