Robson Family Case Study

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Information about the origins of the Robson family, despite being infamous as they currently are, are almost completely unknown. Everyone, who either looks up or down to the band of brothers, only see them as a couple of trigger-happy madmen whose only motivation is to see the red pouring out of their innocent or not so innocent victims. But as for their backstory, there is more to it than you may begin to think. The Robson brothers were like any other set of brothers you would find throughout Mexico, however the Robson family were one of the biggest family for miles mostly consisting of brothers without any sisters at all. The source of their gang activity nowadays can be traced back to the days when they would simply pretend to be gangsters…show more content…
Theo Robson, who is in the middle of the age group and leader 18th Avenue Homeboys, is the person who rose from no one to someone and always enjoys putting a bullet in a body, sometimes for no good reason. Theo, despite being something of a madman with a gun from time to time, is someone who likes to take responsibility for his other brothers and making sure they don’t step out of line and get themselves arrested or killed. James Robson is someone who rides on the side-lines of all of the violence, mostly because he isn’t as great as a shot as the other brothers but is the best at gathering valuable resources such as materials for crafting firearms and transporting drugs from client to the family safe house quickly and without stirring up any trouble. James is also the one with the most medical expertise and is responsible for any injuries or health issues the other brothers have. Mikey Robson , one of the older brothers and is someone who enjoys any kind of mischief that involves pain and suffering for other human beings. Mikey is probably one of the only brothers who feels no sympathy or remorse for the people he injures or ultimately causes death to. Dee Robson, the oldest brother and most loyal of them all and always appears when he is most needed. Despite being the oldest however, he didn’t want to take on the responsibility as leader of the 18th Avenue Homeboys due to Mack stepping up and getting all of the brothers over to America in one piece. So now the story of the Robson brothers remains a mystery to the public, they’re origins remain unknown and unaccounted for. But to the other family leaders that is of no importance whatsoever. What is important is that they try and adjust to an entire family being made up of almost an entire family. Because it is hard to kill a group of people who are willing
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