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In this crtical review, we are going to discuss a movie, which is directed by Jose Padilha, entitled “ RoboCop ”. This movie is about a Detroit policeman named Alex Murphy has been chosen for the man-in-a-machine program after he injured in a car bomb explosion. The story began when a host named Patrick started his show “ The Novak Element ” which support the mechanized crime control in the world. The show pointed out that only United States was not under high security with droids from multinational conglomerate OmniCorp. In Tehran, Novak’s reporters and camera crews observed the job of droids. The camera crews also capture down that a droid gun down a little boy. The show also pointed out that OmniCorp CEO Mr. Raymond Sellars had a right…show more content…
In the first conservation with Alex, Dr. Norton told Alex what the body part he had left. Alex had seen news about himself in car explosion case. After Alex was trained, he was arranged to attend a press conference. It was held to show a reformed Alex to all citizen in the city. Dr. Norton had insert the information of all the murder into Alex head. During the press conference, Alex identified and apprehended a criminal in the crowd. He went on to reduce crime in Detroit, wrecking public support for the Dreydus Act. After that, Clara wanted to ask some questions but stopped by Sellars and he also ordered Dr. Norton to keep Clara away from her husband. Clara tried to tell Alex of their son, David’s nightmares. The experience lead Alex to override his programming and accessed the previously sealed files on his attempted murder. Alex knew his son witnessed the explosion and he was shocked from the previously sealed files. Alex pursued Vallon’s gang for revenge. He managed to kill the boss. Alex returned to the station and joined with Jack to confront the cops who betrayed him to Vallon. Alex wanted to arrest Chief of Police because she was betraying him to Vallon too but his was shut down remotely by

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