Rocha Osibin Summary

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The article, "Woman Wanted in Shooting Death of Her 90-Year-Old Mother May Be in L.A., Police Say" written by Veronica Rocha, was published in the Los Angeles Times on March 18, 2016. The suspect, Alicia "Lisa" Osibin, a Bay Area woman killed her 90- year-old mother and disposing of her body in a trash can is wanted by the authorities. Osibin is believed to be in the Los Angeles and possibly could have changed her name and appearance. According to the El Cerrito police, Osibin is approximately 5 feet 8 and a heavy set woman who could have altered her appearance to "a more masculine look." She is considered "armed and dangerous" and may be using the name of A. Callico or Alex Callico. On November 27, 2015, the El Cerrito police received information about the disappearance of Mary Osibin. Neighbors stated…show more content…
According to Bandura 's social learning theory, people are not born with the ability to act violently, however, it is learned through the "process of behavior modeling and observation" through several outlets such as family interactions or mass media. There 's a strong correlation between an early childhood aggression and an adolescent aggression. Osibin could possibly have been exposed to violence as a child and have a strained relationship with her mother growing up. Alicia Osibin may have suffered from poor role models which "produces imitation and instigation of socially undesirable behaviors," such as violent acts. Furthermore, the psychodynamic theory proposed that "criminals are frustrated and aggravated" due to negative events in their childhood which affect the individual 's unconscious. Osibin may have suffered from oppositional defiant disorder because she can easily have lost her temper and had an argument with her mother before deciding to shoot her in the head. Both the social learning theory and the psychodynamic theory emphasized that Alicia Osibin could have been exposed to early childhood aggression that resulted in an oppositional defiant
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