Rock And Roll 1950's

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Rock and Roll has revolutionized the way we behave, dress, and much more. To this day rock and roll continues to make its statement in society. It had become a popular music genre that dominated the 1950’s and currently today 's music culture. The music genre originated in the 1950’s. It is a combination of Jazz, Blues, and Gospel. This music style had shaped the future of those in the 1950’s setting a platform of the music to come. Rock and Roll couldn’t have taken flight without the popular artist of the time including the widely known “King of Rock” Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and many more bands from England and America. Rock and Roll transformed society in the 1950’s causing a separation in tradition from the older generation and the newer generation known as the “Beat Generation”, according to website It received its name from the style of the music and the newly formed dance moves arising. The obvious difference in post war american youth was apparent in society as music culture was beginning to change. One of the biggest…show more content…
According to Ryan Whirty of The New York Times, teens listen to about 2.5 hours of music and nearly 6 hours on other social media websites. The generation today has become out of touch with those within their own society and hide themselves away behind a screen. The music from 2005 had only a 9% reference in drug use and alcohol use. Today 's dance moves have become more vulgar and sexual as the times goes on. Our clothes and hairstyles are still affected by those in the music industry as seen at hot topic and many more band merch stores. In 2016 our youth and society falls victim to the music industry and its impact on how we dress, dance and act. Music is a catalyst to allow others a glimpse into our minds. Rather you write a symphony or an R&B song the music we compose is a piece of ourselves. Through the power of music we change the world and people around us, much like the musicians before our
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