Rock And Roll History

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Rock and Roll originated in the 1950’s and is described as music with a very uncomplicated tune along with a prominent beat. Rock brought the white and African American cultures together through the combination of their love of music. The genre of Rock and Roll is a mixture of white country, black rhythm and blues, and jazz. Typical instruments found in a traditional rock band include the electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and vocals. Rock and Roll has a range of varying tempos, which is the speed at which music is performed. Most rock songs have a lyrical content that contains subjects such as sex, drugs, women, and politics. Three very influential bands in the rising era of Rock and Roll were Creedence Clearwater Revival, Queen, and The Beatles. The songs I will be discussing will be “Down On the Corner,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and “I Want To…show more content…
This band was known for its’ fusion of hard rock, punk rock, progressive rock, and funk rock. The song was composed by Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band, and it was released on the album The Game in 1980. The band went out of their normal mixture of harder rock music, and sang a song that had more of a Rockabilly sound. This was a very unusual song for the band because no other song performed by the band included this type of sound. When performing this song, Queen transitioned through three guitars, acoustic and electric, played by two different people. The band also encompassed other traditional instruments, such as the drums and handclaps. The song expresses the emotions of someone who is not ready to fall in love and is trying to act cool around a girl that he has a crush on. The singer has “gotta be cool” and “get hip” if he is ever going to have a chance with the girl, The song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” reminds me of all middle and high school relationships because the guy is always nervous to make the first

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