Rock And Roll Music Analysis

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Music just like any art form arises from the desire to express one’s emotions towards a particular subject or person. Country music tells one the story of love and struggle. Hip Hop express one’s story of struggle. When examined closely every musical genre can be seen to express a certain sentiment for people and the world. Rock and Roll is no different. Musical genres and art styles are products of the times in which they are created. Though over time musical genres and art styles can change they are forever rooted in the times in which they were created. Rock and Roll is unique in that it came to popularity in time where there was a rise in popular culture and a rise in social experimentation. The rise of Rock and Roll was surrounded by elements…show more content…
Rock and Roll has and will to continue to be an outlet for change and storytelling. Bring em Home by Pete Seeger is an example of how Rock and Roll was founded on protest and wanting change. The lyrics in this song talk about how the troops fighting in Vietnam should come home because the war for which they are fighting is an unjust war. Rock and Roll music tells stories about the times in which musicians find themselves which can influence the way in which others see the world around them. Rock and Roll will continue to be a voice for change. Rock and Roll like many musical genres has gone through cycles in which it appears to be dominated by popular culture and then times where it appears to be dominated by social change. However, the musical genre has always maintained a level of social awareness that other genres have not and for this reason one may suggests that Rock and Roll’s social commentary element will remain. Rock and Roll will never be classical music because its purpose for creation was one of change through music. Classical musical excites a different element in one’s soul. Classical music is a form of therapy where Rock and Roll is an awakening to better understand the struggles, which plague our
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