Rock And Roll Music Essay

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In this essay I will describe what makes Rock music different from other music genre. I will provide in detail what elements are in typical rock songs as far as lyrics, musical instruments, and the participative experience that I felt when I was growing up listening to a rock album on vinyl using my Marantz. Additionally, I will also support why Rock and Roll music should be regarded as an important art form of the American culture. Rock and roll music was a big part of growing up. Every time I listened to rock and roll music when I was in my youth, it made me think about many things. A few of those things that I associate rock and roll music were sex, drugs and alcohol and a party bus. Whether a band was on the road touring, these were typical images that rock bands were portrayed on television. All the fame that they attract were…show more content…
First of all, rock music has a lot of energy and a faster beats per minute count, the only reason I know this is because I use to be a dj. It has uses a combination of acoustic and electrical guitar, drums and vocals with the lead singer usually screaming with the chorus. Jazz music is more a soothing sound using saxophones and piano and a slower rhythm. Classical music would use more of a range of musical instruments such as violin, piano, cello, flute and others. Upon further investigation, rock and roll music played a big part of shaping our culture. Rock and roll has influenced many types of music ranging from alternative to heavy metal to punk music and even country. Starting from Little Richard to Elvis to the Beattles and Beach Boys, each and every one of those artists influenced us uniquely and their music has transcended to my generation. I was not born yet when their music came out, but their music and influence with stood the test of time. My father drove a 1978 Camaro Z28 with a tape player that played The Beattles
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