Rock Candy Hypothesis

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Question: This lab investigates the question how does changing the amount of sugar affect the growth rate of rock candy? Purpose: This is important to investigate because it has to do with solutions and growth rate and so finding a way to increase the growth rate in a shorter amount of time would be ideal and important. Although the use of sugar will not be the same for every solution, this would just be something for other tests to be based off of. Another importance of this experiment is to show the effects and properties of supersaturation using crystal growth. Background: To be soluble it means an object or substance can be dissolved, this is especially true of sugar when making rock candy. A solution is a liquid mixture comprised of a solute and a solvent. In this case the sugar is the solute and the water is the solvent, together making up the solution needed to make rock candy. In the case of rock candy in…show more content…
Next when the solution is still somewhat warm place a kebab stick into the jar. Secure the stick into place using a close pin or a pen. Allow the solution to sit until the crystals are formed and firmly secured to the stick. Once you are happy with how much the crystals have grown, break the surface sugar in the jar and remove the stick and crystals from the solution. (Davis 2015) Once a solution becomes supersaturated, it wants to crystallize the excess solute. The solute (Sugar) will form crystals on any surface. To stimulate the growth of the rock candy it is best if you use a seed. A seed is a starting point, a solid piece of sugar candy will mimic a sugar crystal, and start the chain reaction of crystallization. If the jar is left uncovered, crystals may even form on the dust that settles on top. This will cause crystals to form on any surface. (Helmenstine 2014
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