Rock Music: The History Of Punk Music

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I. Punk music, it has a reputation for being chaotic and rebellious. But how did punk music start? In the 60s, rock music was “feel-good”, which young adults did not enjoy. These young adults wanted to take a stand against the status quo, and be themselves. They wanted to go against the mainstream music scene and all that it stood for. This music genre was used as their outlet for political issues. Focused on the political activism and shaped by bands like The Velvet Underground, early punk music displayed an angry vibe while appealing to a new wave of music fans. II. The early unprofessional sound of punk music helped shape the genre. A. Punk music featured a stripped down sound by using electric guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. 1. The sound came from having an insufficient amount of recording sets. B. Lyrics in this genre were focused on politics and many contained shock value to add interest. 1. Usually, the lyrics did not contain metaphors, so it was easy to tell what they were singing about in a song. 2. Songs about hopelessness and being alienated were also common. C. Punk music also required minimal musical experience, so anyone could play if they wanted to. 1. The music is easy to recognize because of the unprofessional sound. 2. In town’s music scenes, punk fans were encouraged to make their own band, causing the unique sound. 3. Instead of singing, the lead singer would usually yell the lyrics because they had no background in singing. III. The beginning

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