Media's Influence On Punk Music

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I. Punk music, it has a reputation for being chaotic and rebellious. But how did punk music start? In the 60s, rock music was “feel-good”, which young adults did not enjoy. These young adults wanted to take a stand against the status quo, and be themselves. They wanted to go against the mainstream music scene and all that it stood for. This music genre was used as their outlet for political issues. Focused on the political activism and shaped by bands like The Velvet Underground, early punk music displayed an angry vibe while appealing to a new wave of music fans. II. The early unprofessional sound of punk music helped shape the genre. A. Punk music featured a stripped down sound by using electric guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. 1. The…show more content…
The economic divide between the rich and the poor helped start punk in England, with the poor enjoying the music. 2. Punk music also stayed underground because it was very anti-commercial. C. Because of the political climate, shock value could be used to get attention from the press. 1. The New York Dolls, a popular band from this scene, hung a Communist flag on stage once though no one in the band was Communist. This event caused some outrage from the media. a. After this event, shock value played a major role in punk music. V. The mainstream media had a major impact on punk music. A. By the media claiming that punk is dangerous, people became frightened by this music. 1. When the media claimed that punk was dangerous, it caused the bands to struggle to get a place to play or a place to record because people were scared the bands would destroy anything that they could get their hands on. B. In the late 70s, record labels showed an unusual interest in punk music. 1. Most punk bands did not find it interesting that labels were interested in punk because they were against commercialism, so they made their own labels to use instead. a. Growing by word of mouth, these labels helped young bands find places to play or places to record without “selling
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