Rock 'N' Roll In America By Glenn C. Altschuler

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In this extremely controversial work, Glenn C. Altschuler takes aim on the government’s accusations, the prejudice from the police, and the affect that rock ’n’ roll made in America through the late forties and fifties. Glenn makes many accusations of his own through the way he shifts the momentum of the story from time to time. Through the years back then and now, music has caused many racial and gender controversies. In this book, Glenn explains all these problems and what rock did to start or get of them. Glenn has much experience in History, graduating from Cornell in 1976 with a Ph.D. In American History. He was and may still be an admistrator and a teacher at the university also. From a position like that it is hard to miss the cold hard facts, making it also difficult to have different viewpoints on some situation. In addition, Glen also took a year-long American pop culture course, helping improve his knowledge on rock ’n’ roll.…show more content…
Glenn puts together his material by topic which really worked well with the way rock ’n’ roll changed that time of period. For example, one of the beginning sections he talks about how pop music was in direct alignment with how the culture was reacting at the time to what was in the music itself. In the next couple sections, he would talk about how parents, or the older generations, reacted to the way how rock ’n’ roll was sung by “cretinous goons” said by the great, Frank Sinatra or how it “Bears passing resemblance to Hitlers mass meeting, said Times magazine, referring to the live concerts held. By

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