Rock N Roll Music's Influence On Pop Culture

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Music is a constant evolution blending instruments, rhythms, and voices from different cultures. Rock N Roll couldn't have been born anywhere else other than America because it reflects our individualistic values, diverse cultures and entrepreneurial spirit. Music is an art that all cultures have in common and will bring people together even though the styles may be different. Music is a universal language that all cultures around the world share. Before Rock N Roll was introduced to the world, there was a very popular type of music called Blues. Blues took the audience on a journey throughout the song by telling stories through the lyrics . This style of music mostly spoke to the African American culture because they could relate to the struggles…show more content…
Some artists believed that drug abuse could enhance their skills and that it was a way to rebel against their society taken by (Rock and Roll examining pop culture). The most popular drugs that musicians used to enhance their skills were heroin, LSD, and marijuana. Narcotics were incorporated in most songs in the Rock age. People talked about their struggles of getting addicted to the drug and how it has changed then. Soon after musicians realized that drugs did not help them but in fact tore them down. Keith Richards had a substance abuse problem for many years. Tony Sanchez, his drug supplier wrote a memoir about him called “Up and Down With the Rolling Stones”(Rock and Roll examining pop…show more content…
Feminist musicians made music that told their political views apart from their male equivalents.. They focused more on personal issues rather than anything else and relied more on cooperation between them the performer and their fans as supporters. Feminist musicians turned the music world into their own. They promoted communist values and equality among everyone showing that everything doesn't have to have rules and nobody is greater and someone else. As said in the book, Rock and Roll examining pop culture,”These feminist ideals are not simply imprinted on band practice but they are aspired to, and translated into everyday life to varying degrees”(Rock and Roll examining pop

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