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Mikoda Lancaster Thespian? Rock of Ages: The Other Rock Musical Rock of Ages by Chris D 'Arienzo opened this past weekend at Topeka Civic Theatre. Directed by Shannon Reilly, set in the Mid-Late Eighties the show’s music and story is heavily inspired by 80’s classic and especially glam rock of that time. Starring Greg Myer, bethany Dunham, Jeff Boyer, Brian Chambers, Danny Lassley, Jim Ramos, and many others. Originally first performed July 27, 2005, it ran for ten years and is the 27th longest running show on Broadway, with over 2,300 performances. The show often breaks the fourth wall with the show’s narrator, Lonny Barnett, played by Jeff Boyer, often cracking jokes with the audience and joking about the pure fact that after all they are just actors in a musical. Centered around a bar named the Bourbon Club, the show follows the aspiring rockstar busboy, Drew and his romantic interest, Sherrie. The two fall in love before they finally tell each other they’re both HIV positive……show more content…
As the the show is set in the eighties, big hair was common practice back in the time period, and in the show it was no different. Many members of the company had large over the top wigs, which while was very over the top, considering the show, it was comedic enough. Most of the costumes consisted of a jean/leather jacket with a band t-shirt for most guys, and for the girls it was a toss up between 80s it girl, 80s hippie wear, and “striper”-esque costumes for the strippers. The biggest complaint, costume-wise, is that Stacie Jaxx’ character wore leggings and a very revealing shirt. It wouldn’t have been that big of a problem if no for the fact that he was supposed to be some lady killing hunk, and the actor was anything but a complete dad. And apparently TCT purchased special neon lights for the outside to help promote the show, and even though it wasn’t actually part of the performance that extra detail really help set the scene for the time period, and theme of Rock of

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