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was formed. So Have you ever been bored and didn’t know where to go for a vacation trip for your birthday. My teacher Mrs. Sparr is going to Ireland and my job is to find a perfect place for her to go for her special birthday. In my opinion the place that I have picked is pretty interesting! First of all, Rock of Cashel exactly stands for circular stone fort. The Rock of Cashel revealed many burials as the Rock of Cashel formed, but something happened, we will get into that a little bit later. The Rock of Cashel has many different stories of how the Rock of Cashel was formed. The Rock of Cashel is made of dry stone. The Rock of Cashel is different heights the circular one is the tallest. When you look at the Rock of Cashel the Rock of Cashel seems like the Rock of Cashel is leaning. I wonder if you stand…show more content…
You might think how well let me tell you. If you’re Irish then the Rock of Cashel might make you happy when you think of shamrock. I have heard so many stories of the Shamrock. Personally I am Irish from my mother’s side of the family. So at the Rock of Cashel has many histories. The Irish won a battle against foreign invaders. The battle exactly happened where the Rock of Cashel stands today. On all websites I have been on to find this mystical place I have pretty much only heard about how the shamrock brings Irish visitors pride to know that they could have lost a fight but now they know that if they ever have another fight think of the shamrock you will not lose hope. Are you Irish? Maybe there will be other people you can talk with to see how they feel. You can maybe ask them a few questions. But I think you should ask about Ireland’s culture. Take a notepad and write some of the things you have learned. Honestly, if your daughter likes creepy things you should go to Rock of Cashel. Because in my opinion it is pretty spooky. Remember it is culture, and how it now you have gradually learned about Rock of

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