Rockefeller Robber Barons

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John Davison Rockefeller was the biggest businessman in the oil industry during his time, but he also created a monopoly that many people saw as detrimental, constricting, and dictatorial in a way. Rockefeller was seen as a dictator, and some would call him a robber baron, however it is hard to blame someone for doing what is good for their business. Regardless of what others said Rockefeller did his job and also contributed to society in a positive way. Though many people during Rockefeller’s time criticized Rockefeller and the way he practiced business he still gave back to the people, therefore it is my opinion that Rockefeller is a captain of industry rather than a robber baron. Rockefeller always believed in using one’s own money to…show more content…
He gave $600,000 to assist in the creation of the University of Chicago and continued to help build up the University before leaving with a farewell gift of $10 million in 1910. He also created the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, The General Education Board, Rockefeller Sanitary Commission, and the Rockefeller foundation. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical research was created to research diseases in order to prevent and cure them and did go on to do all of those things while also revolutionizing medicine. The General Education Board purpose was for the "promotion of education within the United States of America without the distinction of race, sex or creed," and during it’s lifetime it was able to give $325 million to all education levels in order for improvement. The Rockefeller Sanitary Commission for the Eradication of Hookworm Disease was created in order to eradicate and prevent hookworm, a disease that was a massive problem in the south. Finally, the Rockefeller Foundation which was meant to "promote the wellbeing of mankind throughout the world," a broad statement that allowed the foundation to assist with whatever was in their power such as public health and scientific advancement. Rockefeller did create a restrictive monopoly, however he also helped society in every way he could before his death in 1937. His donations and creations of many beneficial organizations had a significant impact on society as a whole. He was able to help people in need without asking much of them and he used his wealth to further benefit those same people and their children far after his death. His contributions to society and his clear generosity proves, to me at least, that John D. Rockefeller can only be described as a true Captain of
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