Rocketman Good Vs Evil Essay

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This is a cute and imaginative animated, action-adventure show. It’s driven by the universal theme of good versus evil. The idea of Rocketman, mutated balls, and a rabbit acting as a crime fighting team against an evil crime boss has merit.

It’s very clever to have various sports balls come to life as crime fighters. All children can relate to these familiar icons. A rabbit is an image that children and adults have a positive association with. The idea of a special forces soldier, Rocketman, leading the team, also gives the series a more modern and contemporary tone and pitch to it. There’s a clear evil force Hefe the Hawk, which is also another very relatable image.

While the idea has merit, it’s the structure of the pilot that requires
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Right now, unfortunately, the characters, especially the balls tend to sound a bit too much alike. Make their dialogue more distinctive i.e. the football crime fighter should talk like a football player etc. On a smaller note, the name “Fatso” might not be the best choice.

Rocketman is the most concerning. He’s the leading character, but he doesn’t have a distinctive enough personality yet to standout. Find ways to make Rocketman more engaging and original. One way is in his introduction. Show what he’s famous for and why he’s the rocketman. Show him flying his jet and doing great flying tricks and performances in the sky. Make it very vivid and exciting. It’s not clear why he would want to be a crime fighter. As mentioned, perhaps give him a personal motivation.

Angie represents the central female in the show (she’s actually introduced twice in the pilot – robbery and when she finds the hideout). She’s immediately likable and it’s a smart story choice to include her. However, in the pilot she’s underwritten and not well utilized. She’s not used at all during the climax. Show how she’s going to be a pivotal and a unique character in the show.

Hefe if the identified foe, but he’s also underused in the pilot. Make him a stronger opponent and include him in the climax. In the pilot, he’s mainly verbal vs. involved in the
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