Short Story: Rocks And Pouches

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CHAPTER 1 Rocks and Pouches “Today you need to learn how to dive and forage for food,” said Mother. “But before you can catch your food, you need a very important tool, and that’s a rock. Right now we’re in a shallow area of Doe Bay, which has plenty of rocks. We will all dive down to the seafloor, and you may pick out your very own unique rock.” So Sammy, Swifty, and Newsome followed their mother and swam down to the seafloor. At the bottom they did indeed find a great many rocks. “Now you have plenty of rocks to choose from,” their mother said, “but remember, you only need one.” “Look! I found a white one with black spots just like my fur,” said Sammy. “I choose this one.” Then Swifty said, “I found one too. It’s flat and has a sharp edge.…show more content…
“Mom, what are you holding on your stomach?” asked Swifty. “I am happy to introduce you all to your new baby sister,” Mother said. “How come there is only one?” asked Sammy. “I thought you have twins like me and Swifty.” Mother laughed and said, “Mommy otters usually have only one baby. I was just lucky to have twins when I had you and Swifty.” “Can our new sister come swim and play with us?” asked Newsome. “I’m sorry. No, son, she will have to grow for a few weeks before she can learn to swim,” said Mother. “But if I keep her fur fluffed, she can just float on top of the water. “Today we will all go to the Peapod Rocks to have our breakfast,” she announced. Mother carried their sister pup as they traveled to the Peapod Rocks. Sammy, Swifty, and Newsome followed. “Mom, what are you going to do with our sister?” asked Sammy. “We will be down in the rocks under the water for a while, and this kelp will keep your sister anchored here. If I wrap her safely in it, we will not have to worry about her getting lost or floating away,” Mother said. “We do not want to lose her on her first day with
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