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I’m a Rockstar VA because I am passionate with my craft. I put my heart and mind into my work. I see to it that I enjoy what I do in order to be efficient and productive. I’m a Rockstar VA because I observe time. I make sure I meet deadlines without compromising the quality of my work. Timeliness is the key to be able to manage work. If you are punctual you will get everything done on time. I’m a Rockstar VA because I never stop learning. If there new methods, techniques and technology, I am very willing to learn. I explore all resources in order for me to familiarize anything new to me. Being resourceful would lead a step ahead in everything you do. I’m a Rockstar VA because I am organized. I organize things according to my style of working. I also organize things in order for my team to easily navigate our task.…show more content…
I can adjust at any setting. I had leaded a group before and mentored some assistants. I always see to it that everyone will learn from me. If I am working alone, I see to it that my supervisor/client/boss is updated with the progress of my work. I can work with minimal supervision. I’m a Rockstar VA because I always strive to reach my goals. I do my utmost to get results. Results are my motivations. If I delivered results, it means I have been productive. If my results are commendable it means I was efficient. I am aware that results are what the clients need the most. I’m a Rockstar VA because I am could easily adjust to new environment. Either it’s a new boss, place or work. I never had a hard time adjusting as I am used to a fast-paced

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