Rocky Blboa Character Analysis

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I learned from Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa is one the amazing character in fiction world. It’s one my idol that I follow through my life. It’s a story of a rookie boxer who got one in a million shot to fight with Heavy-weight Champion and beat him with his sheer power of will to survive. Rocky reflects the struggle of a common man or women who clear all hurdle in there way and achieved their goals. Rocky itself is a perfect metaphor for a person who beat all the odds and achieve success in there career. Rocky show me that you can achieve anything if you have a strong will power. Throughout the film series, each chapter of the Rocky Saga gives us a new lesson to learn. So, I have narrowed down the 6 chapter of the saga (Creed is not included) into 6 points which I have learned so far, First – Hard work can beat Talent In the first film, Rocky got one in a million shot to fight with the heavy-weight champion, and against everybody’s expectations he really got so close to win the Championship belt. He did this miracle by doing hard work and believing in himself. He didn’t have any hi-tech training equipment or well training facility, he came from lower suburbs and yet against all odds he shocks the world by his performance. From this chapter I learned that hard work can beat even the talented competitors. Second – Once you achieve success, sustain it In the Follow up to the first film, Rocky didn’t plan his future after he got stardom and success from his

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