Rocky IV: Hardships Of The Cold War

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Rocky IV was produced in the year of 1985 and directed by Sylvester Stallone, who also plays the main character, Rocky Balboa, along with Dolph Lundgren and Carl Weathers. This film is much more than a victory for the American champion, Rocky Balboa, as it highlights the hardships of the Cold War. The film focuses on then tensions of the Cold War in the shadows of Ivan Creed and Rocky Balboa, but more importantly, it focuses on the hidden message that despite the two countries friction, change is still possible.
Rocky IV emphasizes the distress of the Cold War behind the main characters of the story. Soviet Union’s famous boxer, Ivan Drago, announces his entry into the international boxing world early in the film. Apollo Creed hears this and
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However, during the time period Stallone had the equipment to work with, he did a spectacular job at making the film appear as a thriller and somewhat gory. The appearance of the fighters was also impressive as they truly seemed like champions due to their muscular body frame. The locations seemed to look identical to what a real boxing ring would look like, as well as the home in Russia Rocky stayed at that was covered in snow and appeared remote from the rest of the country. The thematic conflict of history stands out to me during this film as well. The Cold War lasted a long time, from the Long Telegram in 1946, until the collapsing of the Soviet Union in 1991, the two counties had their many differences. There were many significant events that had led up to their tension including multiple threats on both sides and blockades. Beyond the threats of violence, competition between the United States and the Soviet Union had taken place at many levels for some time. I interpreted this confliction a few minutes into the film as it continued throughout until Rocky gives his speech at the end. Between these two countries, there was an apparent sense of loathing. However, this would soon be over as the Russian hierarchy stood up and clapped for Rocky at the end of his speech after he had just defeated their very own, Ivan Drago; this would be the end of the two rival’s
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