Rocky Mountains Research Paper

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Rocky Mountains
“Our peace shall stand as firm as the rocky mountains”(William Shakespeare).There are many strange meals and practices in the rocky mountains. There are greater than 100 types of merchandise made from animal hide, and 100 's of ways to use plants for medical reasons .People in the rocky mountains use animals to make products, they also use plants for medicinal purposes.
Rocky Mountain Delicacies
Just imagine sitting at the dinner table eating and your mom asks you to pass the liver, isn 't that strange? It might seem strange but this is the type of food people in the Rocky Mountains eat. “The tokens returned to camp came primarily from the abdominal cavity”(Moose). Token was the term used for the hide, bones, and meat brought back to camp. They particularly brought back the kidneys. Kidneys are a good source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important to eye site making to a good food source. Another highly prized fat called wiis is found particular leg bones (Moose). Wiis is found particularly in the femur. Your femur is the bone located in your upper thigh. Wiis is eaten at important feasts and meals. When game is returned to camp they are placed facing the front door (Moose). It was said that when the game was set facing the door it could see the hunter leave to hunt. As explained there
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According to “The Rocky Mountain Tanners” “ In addition to a nice rack on the wall you can use your tanned deer, elk, bison or other big game hides”. These hides can be turned into leather. It can also be used for “ Coats, vest, gloves, chaps, blankets, furniture, and more items to numerous to mention” (The Rocky Mountain tanners). All these items are good resources when it is cold outside do to higher elevations. There are many uses for animal hide, There are so many so I 'm are used every day. Some examples are shoes, hats, coats, so many things are used everyday that we don 't even realize are made from animal

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