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Troy Ross Comp 1 9/22/2014 Rocky “Life is not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take and still keep going.” This is one of Sylvester’s Stallone quotes from the movie Rocky. One of the greatest movies of all time. A lot of research went into this paper. The challenges Sylvester Stallone faced to produce Rocky presented every obstacle, had an all-star cast, and was the greatest underdog story ever told. Stallone was and actor and screen writer, who wrote the screen play for Rocky in three days. With the main role being himself. From the beginning he was supposed to play Rocky, but Hollywood wanted a name actor to play the part. The actors that were mention in playing the part was Burt Reynolds, James Caan, and…show more content…
Tall and heavy-set with a prominent beetling brow and a somewhat intimidating demeanor which inevitably bound him to character roles. David Thayer Hersey from an upper crust Medford, Massachusetts had no false allusions about leading man roles and other than applying a passion for being a good actor in those parts allotted him. To this he brought a forceful if pursed and unique voice and a knack for developing voice characterizations to fit any role. After secondary school he began attending Harvard University. Along with several students he found at the Brattle Theatre Company in 1946. After working closely on Brattle with fellow Harvard graduates and his father,Thayer Frye Hersey, David took the stage name Thayer David in honor of his father. By 1950 he was on Broadway in a comedy play "The Relapse" Through most the 1950s he was busy with theater roles rounded with Broadway for the next twenty years in some great dramas, including stepping in as a replacement to play Cardinal Wolsey in "A Man for All Seasons" . Like many a trained actor looking beyond the stage, David saw the potential of the small screen as a new acting vehicle. By 1957 he had his TV career amid the television playhouse phenomenon which had been established by 1950. David was quite in demand through the decade of the 1970s in both film and TV. Although he might be best known from the era as the crooked fight manager in history Rocky, his most character of character roles was by far his Dragon in the Clint East wood adventure and thriller The Eiger Sanction. He passed on July 17, 1978 in New York City of an

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