Rodeo Animal Abuse

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How Rodeo Is Not Animal Abuse Do you think that rodeo is a type of animal abuse? In my opinion it is not, just because you are using a animal does not mean you are abusing it. Several organizations think that rodeo is a form of animal abuse because the animals are being kicked with spurs or having a rope around their flank to make them buck. So many organizations have tried bringing rodeos to a hault. Because they say it is a form of animal abuse. There is a organization (SHARK) which stands for showing animals respect and kindness. One other organization is called (PETA) ethical to animals. Both of these organizations have claimed that in no other sport are half the contestants forced to preform with flank straps, electric prods, raking …show more content…

Only if you know how to ride and know what you are doing. Some people can turn it to animal abuse and make it very harsh on the horses. Like using very harsh bits and hurting the horses mouths, or people can use vary sharp spurs that can sometimes cut the horse. But there are riders that know how to treat their horse and are very good at the sport of barrel racing. One of the very good barrel racers I know is Fallon Taylor. She won the NFR in 2014. Fallon always makes sure that her horse is sound and able to compete. She keeps her horses in the perfect condition to run. How some of the organizations look down on calf roping, because they think it is hurting the calf. If you look at some of the professionals in calf roping they use the cotton lined ropes and they aren’t that harsh with the calves, to where it will break their neck or their leg. The only time a calf can really be harmed in roping is if the calf is to small or isn’t healthy enough to be roped. But most of the time the calves are healthy and aren’t harmed. Just like the famous calf roper Tuff Coopper, He uses the right kind of ropes and he knows what he’s doing so therefore he won’t hurt a …show more content…

The ages for horses are 25 and the ages for bulls are 15.Vets will make sure that the animals are receiving the right quality feed and adequate exercise. Rodeos across the country have rules on how the contest has to be and how the animals have to be handled. The first rules of humane care was established by the PRCA in 1947. Human skin is 1mm-2mm, horse hide is 5mm thick, and bulls hide is 7mm thick. So it doesn’t take a genius to realize that blunt rodeo spurs are not harmful to our animal athletes. The flank straps are lines with fleece and are not so tight that it causes pain. If the flank straps where to tight the animal would refuse to move much less want to buck. The spurs that the bronc riders use are dull but blunt. They have free rolling rowles, so that way the leg movement doesn’t harm the horses. One of the most important tools used in rodeo is the cattle prod. Because the large and untrained animals don’t respond well to voices or hand signals. The prod is powered by “c” batteries that are used in a flashlight. The prod gives the animal a surprising shock like a dog shock collar

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