Tom And Rodeo Case Study

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Kamdin Sedivec and Tyrel Clarys. P.3 Tom was a 10-year-old little boy that grew up in the big state of Texas. One day Tom was watching TV and a commercial came on about a rodeo needing a clown. Tom knew what he wanted to be when he grew up a rodeo clown. Time went to clown college after high school and join the rodeo after two years of college. Tom found his true love in the stands at a rodeo while he was at work. So Tom tracked her down after the show asked her out on a date. After eight months of dating Tom asked Barbara to marry him and of course she said yes. After four months of planning the wedding it was official that they were married. After three years of marriage they were divorced. After the divorce Tom still had his dream job a rodeo clown. Tom was loving his job every day and every minute. One day a strange man came to Tom and told him about some mysterious magical face paint for clowns. Tom didn’t believe this man and went on with the show. Couple days later he went to go get ready for the show and he used up all the face paint he had and on that same day the CEO of the rodeo came to talk to Tom about his act. Mr. Farris says to…show more content…
He pick up the fork and looked at it for a while and said “I already have this kind of a fork” and threw it. The fork hit a rock and opened up a secret cave that rose from the ground. In that secret cave was Tom’s fifth grade math teacher Mr. Heck. Tom wanted revenge from the fifth grade when Mr. Heck gave him a F on his chapter 6 test that he knew he deserved an A. So Tom snapped his fingers sent a herd of balls after him and out of nowhere a helicopter came to save Mr. Heck because his son was picking him up for his doctors appointment. When Mr. Heck got on the helicopter he says d to Tom “you failed at catching me like you failed your test.” Tom got mad at Mr. Heck but he knew he couldn’t do anything so he just ignored him and continue to
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