Rodeos: Pro Bull Riding

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Many people think of rodeos being a bunch of hillbillies riding cows around in a big circle. To many people it is an every weekend thing that the family does together. Rodeos are not just for younger age men that are fit. Rodeos are for the whole family. There is stuff for all ages of people to do at a rodeo. There are main parts of a rodeo the history, what makes up a rodeo and what takes to put one on, and famous cowboys in history and in today’s time. The definition of a rodeo is a contest at which a cowboy show his or her skills at doing things like riding bulls, calves or even barrel racing. July 4, 1888, became the birthday of professional rodeo when a group of Prescott, Arizona, merchants and professional businessmen organized the…show more content…
This is where the top 35 bull riders in the country rides the bulls in very crowed and loud situations (PBR). PBR has a slogan and it is that null riding is the toughest sport on dirt. That slogan fits very well with the sport because it is the toughest sport on dirt. This sport requires so much out of a person for them to be able to be physically and mentally prepared for every situation and every outcome that could happen when you ride a bull. Another association is the NJBRA which stands for National Junior Bull Riders Association. The NJBRA helps young people gain interest in the sport of bull riding. It also gives them an opportunity to develop their bull riding skills, builds good character and sportsmanship, and prepares them for professional level bull riding…show more content…
One of those bulls is Bushwhacker. He has only had one bull rider been able to ride him for the full eight seconds. All of the other bull riders have been bucked off. Bushwhacker’s buck off average was at about three point three seconds which is quicker than any other bull in bull riding history (Casey). Number five of the top bulls in the world is named Super Duty. Super Duty has a fifty percent buck off rate. Super Duty retired in 2011 due to a spinal injury (Casey). The number ten bulls in the world is named Shepard Hill Tested. Shepard Hill Tested buck off time is four point five-one seconds (Casey). The difference between the number one bull and the number ten bull in buck off time is one point two one seconds so from being so far in the count in top ten bulls there buck off times are very close. This tells you that there are many very good bulls in the world today that have a high buck off rate and a low second buck off
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