Rodger And Ms. Jones In Thank You Ma Am

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In the story Thank you Ma’am there are to characters. One character’s name is Rodger. Rodger is a young boy. He is homeless and broke. He looks dirty from what the story say. The other character is Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones is an older lady. She is large in weight. She has a home and she has money. In the story Rodger tried to take Ms. Jones purse. He didn’t get away though the purse was too heavy so he feel. Ms. Jones grabbed him and dragged him all the way to her house. You would think she would have punished him but she didn’t. She feed him and gave him 10$ for a pair of shoes that he wanted. They are different in all these ways, but Rodger is a boy without guidance, and Ms. Jones is a well raised old lady with a big strict heart.
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