Rodimus's Diary Entry: A Short Story

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You don’t really know how it got to this point.

At first, the session was going well Rodimus was excited after another win and was just as boisterous as he always is. It was relaxing with laughter, finger tracings, and light kisses. But after a while those light kisses turned to bites, finger tracing turned to bone breaking grips and only throaty grunts filled the room.

You ignored it, thinking Rodimus was just getting too into it and he would eventually snap out of it. But after what feels like an hour passes by and he still hasn’t slowed down you started to worry. You start asking him to slow down that it was too much and you needed a break. But he was still rocking into you at a merciless pace his body burning a bright red.

An itch started to spread across your body you had the urge
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I have patients I have to take care, personal business to han-”. Ratchet froze when he looked over and saw a shocked Rodimus over your unconscious body.

“Get off of them!” Ratchet shouts shoving Rodimus out of the way to look at you.

“What the hell Ratchet? Why are here?” Rodimus retorts grabbing Ratchet’s arm.

“Do you not see what you’ve done to them?!”. Ratchet grabs Rodimus by his chin to have him look at you properly.

Rodimus bright red and orange glow turned dull looking at your unconscious state. Your body was a mixture of purple and black spots with blisters and cut marks littered across your skin. Did he... Did he kill you?

Ratchet carefully positioned you in his arms and started to walk towards the door. “I need to see the extent of their injuries I’ll be taking them to the med lab”

“Are they going to be okay?” Rodimus asked anxiously.

Ratchet stopped but did not turn around. “I’m not sure the injuries that you caused… I’ll have to ask First Aid and Velocity to assist me”.

“I didn’t mean to do this I just.. I love them so much I don’t what
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