Rodney King Case Study

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between he, the judge, and the other lawyers due to the fact that Stone’s law partner was representing Sargent Koon in a related civil issue. They believed his loyalty was divided. It was later noted that the defendants tried to convince the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that they were improperly convicted; because of the accusations the prosecutors did ask the court to possibly reconsider the Los Angeles Police officers ' sentences, however, the government felt that would be too easy for the damages the officers caused on that unforgettable night. Asking for a new appeal, was really asking for a number of issues to arise. Any expert in law could see that the defense argument will rest largely on the prosecution 's use of the videotaped testimony by Officer Theodore J. Briseno. Reportedly, Briseno as well as Timothy Wind did not take stand in the federal trial. During a trial the previous year, Briseno voiced to the jurors that Powell struck King in the head with his metal baton multiple times repeatedly and Koon stood there watching the entire altercation and did not make any effort to try to stop his…show more content…
The Rodney King trial was one of many eye openers for not just the city but the nation. It really questioned people’s mindset on how they feel about race, and especially back in those times, where they were just getting on a road to unity. During the trial King did not have much to say, with him recovering and all; however he did feel as if the riots and violence was getting out of hand, which lead him to make a televised plea to not just his people but to everyone asking them to just stop and think. Think about what they were doing for the generations before them as well as the generations that will come soon after them. It was a historic day in history when the video was released about his beating. No one should ever convey such brutality by people that are supposed to defend, honor and protect us. “Can’t we all just get along?” the famous words of Rodney
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