Rodney King Trial Research Paper

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The Rodney King trial started as a drunk driving incident but ended in the destruction of Los Angeles. King was in a high speed chase with the Las Angeles Police department and when they caught him King was then viciously beat up and attacked. This was one of the first police brutality incidents filmed and released to the general public and eventually ended the era of not showing what happens behind closed doors. Along with being one of the first police brutality incidents filmed, it was also one of the first police brutality incidents taken to court. A lot of attention and controversy surrounded this trial just because of how it hit America. The trial involved lingering racial tensions in America which seperated many Americans. The trial ultimately led to the riots of L.A. and the total destruction of the city. The riots lasted for days and resulted in thousands of dollars and even lives lost. These riots were so big that the United States National guard had to be called in order to calm down the people of Los Angeles. the King trial shows the evolution of an era that shuns what happens behind closed doors to an era which shows the harsh reality of police brutality with new means of communication and the growth of technology with the smartphone and videotaping.
Kings substance abuse issues and how bad the cops actually beat King up led up to the Rodney King trial. Before the beating and trial King dealt with many substance abuse issues(Karen Bates). King was actually on
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