Rodrigo Duterte's Influence Of Social Media

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This chapter presents the literature that enhanced and broadened the researchers’ perspective on how social media influencers were able to influence the voters to vote for Rodrigo Duterte. The review also furthered social media and its effects toward political participation; interplay of social media and politics and how it changed the political landscape, particularly the election campaign; the effects of celebrity endorsement and politics and how it changes the perspectives of voters; Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity and; news consumption.
Social Media
With the emergence of social media in today’s era, people tend to be more interactive and participative on the internet. Based on a current study, there are 2.7 billion people worldwide who use the internet. Whereas 1.4 billion people on Facebook and 22 % of this number are teenagers who log on to Facebook more than 10 times a day (Davenport, LaRose, and Straubhaar, 2016).
According to the study of Davenport et al. (2016), they considered the social media as the latest manifestation of media convergence, the continuing integration of conventional media forms with digital communication. And because of this social media, young adults are no longer easily reached by the conventional mass media.
Through the growing popularity of new media and the central role they play in the social life of the ‘Internet generation,’ it has been suggested that the innovative means of electronic participation facilitated by new media may serve to
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