Roe V. Wade: A Brief History Of Abortion

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During the early 1800’s each state had the right to choose if abortion was legal or illegal. Most states made abortion illegal. Then In 1873 the Comstock Laws, created by Anthony Comstock, were passed. The Comstock Laws made it illegal to sell or distribute material that could be used as a contraceptive or abortion. The Comstock Laws were in place until The Roe v. Wade case of 1973. The Roe v. Wade case started in Texas when Jane Roe wanted to get an abortion but was unable to because it was illegal in Texas to get it done. Henry Wade was the attorney against Jane Roe who wanted to keep abortions illegal. The Supreme Court decided to made it legal for women to get abortions. With this new law women were able to get safe abortions done by professional…show more content…
Reproductive Services (1989). The Webster v. Reproductive Services is when a Missouri law put restrictions on getting an abortion. The restrictions are banning the use of state money, employees, and facilities for abortions that is not necessary to save the mother's life( Many people thought this went against the Roe v. Wade law that made abortion legal but the Supreme Court stated that there is no official right to fund and assist abortions. Casey v. planned parenthood (1992) created new restrictions for a woman who is trying to get an abortion done. In 1982 the state of Pennsylvania passed the Abortion Control Act which put new restrictions on getting an abortion. Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against the state stating that the Abortion Control Acts went against the supremes court decision made in Roev. Wade case. Some laws from the Abortion Control Acts were found constitutional and passed as laws by the supreme court. Some laws that passes are states could not ban abortions before the "viability" point. The viability point is when a baby is able to survive outside of the…show more content…
Before Roe v. Wade made abortion legal many women had to give themselves abortions by using knitting needles, radiator flush, coat hangers, or by going to an unsafe abortionists( In 1972 which is pre Roe v. Wade there was 39 maternal deaths caused by unsafe abortions. The In 1976 post Roe v. Wade there was 4 deaths caused by abortion( The number dropped dramatically once abortion became legal. Abortion is much more safe than older medical procedures that can be done, like giving birth. The risk of death is fourteen percent higher during child birth then the risk of someone dying because of an abortion( Not only do medical procedures have higher death rate than abortion but so does daily activities people do like riding a motorcycle. The death rate for abortion is 1 for every 100,000( That is an extremely low number of

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