Roe V. Wade Argumentative Analysis

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From 1848 to 1920, an outrageous span of 70 years, women fought for equal rights, to have their voices and opinions heard. Little by little women have gained rights they have so passionately fought for. In 1973, about 50 years after women became eligible to vote, and began to be taken more seriously, the case of Roe v Wade granted women to have one of the most impactful rights to date, to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Now, it is safe to say that all women and perhaps most men would not want women to lose the rights they have today, especially because there have been many influential women around the world who have been given the chance to be impactful because of the rights they possess. So, if we do not want to take away women’s rights and…show more content…
They continue to believe that a fetus is a human life as soon as conception has occurred. They go off of what the bibles say, that it is a sin to kill an innocent life. Most of their arguments aren’t supported by factual evidence. And when they try to provide a counterexample, they always base it again back to the killing of an innocent life. Pro-abortionists however, do have supporting evidence that a fetus is not in fact a human. In Olson’s article on “Was I Ever a Fetus” he states that even scientists prove that embryos are not persons, “embryologists tell us that a human fetus that is less than about six months old cannot remember or experience anything, and has no mental capacities worthy of the name…One's psychological contents or capacities could not be continuous with those of a being with no psychological contents or capacities at all…nothing could be a fetus-or at any rate a fetus that cannot yet think-at one time and a person later on. No person was ever a fetus, and no fetus ever becomes a person”. If we say that a fetus is a human then we are saying that an acorn is already an oak tree and a seed is already a flower, although these objects have the potential to become something, they are not yet actually connected to that future object and therefore are not the future object, they are a whole different type of form. So as Olson explained in his article, since a fetus is not a person, especially because it is not aware of what is going on because it has no psychological contents, then it wouldn’t even matter if it was to be aborted, because it is not feeling anything, the only person feeling a thing is the mother, the carrier of the fetus. Another argument pro-lifes bring is that, because a fetus has the potential to become a person, it is not fair to get rid of it because we are not giving the fetus the chance to grow to become someone in life, and everyone deserves to have a chance at life.

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