Roe V. Wade Case Brief

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On December 13, 1971, the Supreme Court decided to hear the arguments on Roe v. Wade, and another abortion case Doe v. Bolton. This case originally started on a night in August 1969. Norma McCorvey, also known as Jane Roe, was walking with her friends to a distant motel. She told her lawyer that they were attacked and McCorvey was raped. After thee incident, McCorvey left that place and went back to Dallas to live with a friend. Weeks later, McCrovey started feeling symptoms and even missed her period that month. She decided to visit a doctor and found out that she was pregnant. She immediately wanted an abortion, but her doctor said that he could not do it, since it was illegal in Texas at that time. McCorvey had the baby and gave the baby…show more content…
The outcome of the case reflected the opinion of the majority opinion of the court. Justice Blackmun wrote the court 's opinion. He agreed with the idea of abortion as long as a few others. Among all of the Justices, two disagreed with what Justice Blackmun had to say. Justice White was one of them. Justice White strongly disagreed with what Justice Blackmun said. He said that nothing in the Constitution had to do anything with abortion and he thought that making abortion legal was allowing women to decided wether or not it was convenient for them to take on a child. In response, Justice Blackmun argued back stating his opinion and diving in straight to the matter of a person 's privacy. "The Court has recognized that a right of personal privacy, or a guarantee of certain areas or sones of privacy, does exist under the Constitution." CITATION plss His opinion agreed with Weddington 's arguments regarding the fourteenth amendment. One of the concurring opinions was written by Justice Stewart. In his opinion, he stated that the fourteenth amendment also protects the right to obtain an abortion. It gives a women the right to end her pregnancy. The other Justice who did not agree with the majority opinion was Justice Rehnquist. Unlike Justice White, Justice Rehnquist believed that abortion was protected by the Constitution. Instead, he believed that it was not correct to base opinions on the right to privacy. He states that if a women wants to obtain an abortion, they would have to tell a doctor. You would also need to go to a clinic or a hospital. So, therefore it was not private at all. His dissent also stated that the fourteenth amendment should only protect people from loosing their freedom when they do not follow laws. "Almost no one. . . except the court to decided that the right to choose an abortion was protected by the Constitution," Eva Rubin wrote in The Abortion Controversy. The Supreme Court;s
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