Roe Vs Wade Restriction Analysis

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This law therefore made in legal, nationwide, for first trimester abortions to occur. The problem with this, however, is that Supreme Court Roe versus Wade overstepped its boundaries. Roe versus Wade exceeds its constitutional authority. The power to make laws is vested in the US Congress and is retained by state legislatures. The Supreme Court in this case made decisions about the law based primarily on the policy preferences of its own members ( Moving forward from the Constitutional issues with abortion, one can find themselves going into the political problems. To begin, it must be known that federalism is a key concept of the United States government. “Federalism refers to the multifaceted political power relationships …show more content…

States do this in order to protect the rights of the human being that is growing inside the woman, because they cannot fully protect it due to the national law. The two most popular laws on restriction of abortion are laws regarding when an abortion can be performed and laws requiring parental knowledge or consent if the individual requesting an abortion is a minor. Currently, forty-two of the fifty states have laws regarding the week at which a woman can have an abortion. Twenty-one of these states allow abortion up until “viability of the fetus” or the ability for the fetus to live outside of the womb ( For laws regarding parental consent or knowledge about an abortion if the patient is a minor, twenty-one states require parental consent, twelve states require parental notification, and five states require both. ( It is clear that the political implications of abortion point towards a need for abortion to be illegal in the United States. Abortion infringes upon the states rights to make laws to govern the views of its own …show more content…

Each of the four main argumentative pillars of medical views, constitutional rights, political issues, and morality provided an in depth view into reasons why abortion should be illegal. The medical field clearly establishes when human life begins. The formation of an embryo occurs at conception, or the moment when the sperm and egg cells fuse. This means that any Pro-Choice people who rely on medicine rather than religion have to face the truth that abortion terminates life. The ideas presented on stem cell research were informative. It is clear that there are no added benefit to ESCR, and that ASCR was just as, if not more, beneficial. The constitutional rights of the fifth and fourteenth amendment are directly violated when a fetus is killed. The fetus is a human being, and with that comes protection under the law. It is clear by acts like The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 that many people see the murder or a pregnant woman as a double homicide, and therefore should see abortion as a murder as well. It is also clear that Roe versus Wade stepped over its limit for constitutional authority, and denies the states the rights they deserve under the United States principle of federalism. Finally, the moral reasoning behind why abortion should be illegal are clear. Especially when those in the health care field, who are trained to perform abortions, see that this is

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