Roe Vs. Wade's Arguments Against Abortion

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Kadyn King Professor Cavallo Texas Government 2306 31 March 2016 It is often expressed that certain topics are not to be made public, but to be kept private. One thing that you don’t hear many people talk about casually is abortion, especially in Texas. Abortion is a very serious topic that many people do not take lightly and feel very strongly about. There are two popular sides one being pro-life and the other being pro-choice. When looking at the two sides and trying to classify them on political sides any would agree that based on voting republican would be pro-life, while democrat would be classified as pro- choice. This is also not to say that it is for everyone, each republican is not pro-life and every democrat is not pro-choice. One …show more content…

Roe filed a lawsuit on wade claiming that a Texas law was criminalizing majority of every abortion. During that time period abortion were really only considered if the pregnancy was considered life threatening to the mother. This court case still remains one of the most intensely debated cases making the House Bill 3994 stand out. With this bill come many different opinions with some highly though of voices claiming there thought on the bill. Some representatives think that the bill is covering all the loopholes and clarifying the rules for underage minors who wish to proceed with and abortion without the consent of parent or guardian but the consent of a judge while others are seeing the complication with constitutional rights and the right to privacy. House bill 3994 was written by Geanie Morrison who is the Representative of Victoria. She said, “The intent of this bill is to improve the protection of the minor girl and ensure the parental rights are protected”. The whole intention of this …show more content…

Senator Rodriguez did a press release saying, “It limits available venues in which to seek a judge 's authorization to the minor 's county in residence, or if the county is less than 10,000, to a neighboring county. Frankly, this endangers both judges and minors; we have seen people associated with abortion targeted by violence, and forcing people to seek a decision in the same small community where they live is certain to deny them the right to privacy and security when making these very difficult decisions”. (Rodriguez) The issue that is here is that in the bill it states that, “The court may not notify a parent, managing conservator, or guardian that the minor is pregnant or that the minor wants to have an abortion. The court proceedings shall be conducted in a manner that protects the anonymity of the minor. The application and all other court documents pertaining to the proceedings are confidential and privileged and are not subject to disclosure under, Chapter 552, Government Code, or to discovery, subpoena, or other legal process. The minor may file the application using a pseudonym or using only her initials. Confidential records pertaining to a minor under this subsection may be disclosed to the minor”. (Morrison) Morrison covered all her bases and successfully attempted to make sure that a minor

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