Roebuck Characteristic Of Leadership

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Depending on how various individuals perceive it, leadership is described in many ways. Leadership is “the process by which a person influences others to achieve an objective”. (Learn to be a, 2009)
On the other hand ,leadership is that process in which one person sets the purpose or direction for one or more other persons and gets them to move along together with him /her, with each other in that direction with competence and full commitment. Roebuck (1999) also emphasised that, leadership should set an individual apart from the rest. She also said one does not need to be in high position (i.e. President) to be identified as a leader. Moreover, leadership is about driving a vision in a team even if it is
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Characteristics of leadership
According to Roebuck (1999) characteristics of leadership are outlined as follows:
1. Self confidence and self
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Displaying a good character made him a unique leader. By the time he became Secretary General, UN was not performing well, it needed to be revitalised. According to Dubrin, et al (2006.p.105) in, he was a transformational leader as he had to reform the UN both internally and externally. One of his main duties was to transform the status quo to suit followers and to be more meaningful to them. Further, he realigned the vision of UN so that it could serve its purpose. In his quest to revitalise UN, he strengthened the peace keeping which enabled UN to cope with rapid rise in the number of operations. In addition to this, he was involved in creating global fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria as well as adoption of the UN’s counter terrorism strategy. With reference to Traub (1998, p44) as found in, he is described as an attentive, objective, someone with the ability to shift people’s position without any threat or building tension. Mr Annan encountered delicate political situations that include the deliberate move to gain Iraq’s compliance with Security Council resolutions and resolving the Lockerbie bombing situation. Lastly he also received a Nobel peace prize jointly with the

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