Roethke And Eliot Comparison

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Comparing the Works of T.S. Eliot and Theodore Roethke
When reading the two poems, one can definitely catch the similarities of both poems, yet how they vary differently. One poem talks about how the winter evening makes the day feel and the other talks about how dark it is in the cellar and the how life is down there. They both seem to have been written by someone going through depression or a difficult situation in life. Many poems can be written to sound similar to another piece of work, yet have different meaning and ideas. The poems I chose seem to both be in a dark, dull, cold setting. One being the cold winter evening and the second in the dark and cold cellar. Reading the two poems shows that both poems are similar, but vary in details, being one talking about the winter evening and the other talking about the cool cellar and how lifeless it seems down there.
After carefully reading the poems and examining what they have in common, I have found several things that I feel are similar in both. “Nothing would sleep in that
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Both poems seem to have been written in a depressing state of mind, simply because of the setting and word usage throughout the poems. Root Cellar discusses how the plants have a very difficult time growing due to lack of nutrients and sun to produce and grow, while the other discusses the winter months and the strain it puts on one’s life during cold weather. They both vary in meaning, but when reading both and digging deep into details, it was easily known how they both showed the same problems. As the saying goes, “It is a part of life, and it, too, shall pass.” I feel that statements applies well to both poems because the winter only lasts a short while then it’s time for life to begin, and poem two shows how it is lifeless in the cellar, however the plants seem to thrive to live as well as the dirt
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