Roger Chillesdale In Scarlet Letter

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While Dimmesdale was being interrogated verbally but mentally as well by the malevolent physician Roger Chillingworth. The physician was becoming very aggravated by the pastor’s replies and therefore left. Dimmesdale looked out of the window and saw Chillingworth standing at the same location as Pearl, the devil spawn. Chillingworth left something on the grave then proceeded to his room. The ailing pastor forced his failing body to walk to the grave. Once he approached the gloomy monument and he noticed that what Chillingworth left was not of his, but it was Dimmesdale’s bible. The ill pastor examined the holy scripture and one the cover he noticed the A on “Catholic Bible” was circled with a bloody red marker. The pastor glanced around and…show more content…
The next day Mr. Dimmesdale was assassinated and the culprit was yet to be discovered. The townspeople assumed that it was Hester due to the circle around the A in the word Catholic. The townspeople felt that it was a hate crime and felt that Hester was becoming rebellious against their religious beliefs. Hester then was sentenced to prison without any actual evidence besides the Bible. Hester looked around the courtroom and felt a chill go down her spinal cord. She turned around and noticed Chillingworth put his fingers to his lips then put it upon his chest in the same location of the elegant A on Hester’s bosom. Hester’s face flared red in anger and yelled “Killer, Mr. Chillingworth is a killer!” The townspeople only sat in their seats and laughed at the deemed insane woman. Hester saw Chillingworth walking out of the courtroom with Pearl holding his hand and looking back at her mother entering in the dark world of prison. The investigative team of the town people went to Dimmesdale’s residence and approached the scene of his murder. The investigators noticed a sun glare reflecting from a small metal tool. They stood in silence as they picked up to reveal a scalpel. “Should we report this finding or let that hussy rot in her prison cell?” Said one of the
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