Roger Chillingworth In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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Roger Chillingworth, husband of Hester Prynne leaves for two years and finds out that she had an affair with the minister Arthur Dimmesdale. Hester kept this a secret for seven years and when Roger found out about it, it changed him. In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, he writes about how the pain changes Roger. The reader feels the most sympathy for Roger Chillingworth because of three reasons; Hester, The pain of the betrayal and how it changed Roger, and the way he views himself betrayed him. When Roger finds out that Hester had an affair and committed adultery with Arthur Dimmesdale the ready becomes very sympathetic because Roger was a great person and he did not deserve to have Hester cheat on him. Roger was gone for two years that does not give Hester the right to cheat on her husband. What makes…show more content…
Roger thinks that he is a bad husband because of it. The reader feels sympathy because it was not Rogers fault that Hester committed Adultery unlike what Roger thinks. It was mostly Hester’s fault because she did not have self-control to be faithful. Roger does not need to feel the way he does because of what Hester did. It was Hester’s actions that made Roger feel like he was not good enough. The reader knows that Roger is good enough for Hester, but Roger is just depressed to realize that. Reading that part makes the reader want to reach out and tell Roger everything is going to be okay and it was not his fault. Roger is like the dog at the pound who does not get adopted because he does not look as nice as the other dogs but is one of the nicest dogs there. Roger is not as handsome as other people are, but he has one of the nicest hearts, he just needs realize that is what Hester saw in him. The reader feels for Roger because he married a pretty girl but she cheats on him and now Roger feels worthless for because Hester gave the impression that Roger was not good
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