Personal Narrative: Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace A fortnight ago, I listened keenly to US President, Barack Obama as he delivered an enthralling eulogy for Pastor Clementa Pinckney, of the American Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, South Carolina. In closing, he bellowed an old, yet popular folk song - "Amazing Grace". Ironically, that now African-American spiritual was written by John Newton, a once vile slave trader who was later reformed and became a poet and clergyman. A few days after the President's rapturous rendition, which had over 5000 standing and singing in chorus, I sat in the depths of needed therapy over West Indies cricket. Miraculously, my haemorrhaging heart perked a beat when I surveyed the still unfolding career of tennis legend, Roger Federer. Maybe due to years of West Indian…show more content…
Fortunately, a few leave before falling apart before us like Humpty-Dumpty. Yet Federer's career, though a mountain pass below his invincible Everest, is still world class and going. Despite all the young guns, at the age of 33 - grandpa years in male tennis - he finds himself ranked #2 in the world. Eerily, this week, he also finds himself at his favourite battleground, Wimbledon. A place he has conquered seven times with unadulterated eloquence. Federer's records are too numerous to count; however, they will show that he is the greatest male tennis player of all-time. 17 Grand Slam titles, 25 Grand Slam finals, umpteen Grand Slam semifinals and quarterfinals, 6-time World Tour Final Champion, Olympic Champion, Davis Cup Champion, the list just keeps expanding and expanding. Its hard to argue. Hopefully this week, it expands a little more to his eighth Wimbledon title. For years, his rivals, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and other opponents had the edge in larger and more powerful racquets, yet Federer trumped them all in elegance, execution and beauty in

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