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Intro: “I have never played anyone that fast. He doesn’t have any weaknesses at all. He really deserves to be called the best player of all time.” That is quote by Robin Soderling who faced Roger Federer in the 2009 French Open final. I am going to prove to you that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time. I am going to tell you who Roger Federer is, what he has done, and his stats against others. Body Paragraph 1: Some of you might not know who Roger Federer is. Well Roger Federer is a superstar tennis player. Born in 1981, Basel, Switzerland. Now at age 33 he is still playing tennis, and still at the top of the game as he is currently ranked number 2 in the world. He has a company named RF and a foundation called the Roger Federer Foundation which gives education to kids in need of it. He is also the holder of many records in tennis and is still breaking some. Body…show more content…
Just because Nadal has a better record than Federer in h2h doesn’t mean that he is better. First of all Nadal is the king of clay and thats Federer’s worst surface. And out of their 33 matches 15 of them have been on clay and that happens because Federer and Nadal both make it far on clay but don’t always on hard court. On their clay court matches Nadal has won 14 out of the 15. So already Nadal has 14 matches won under his belt. Nadal has also never won a tournament outside of clay 2 times in a row. So Nadal might hold the h2h but not the stats. Against other rivals or people that have already retired he also hold the better stats. Against Pete Sampras who was once considered the best of all time, Federer has won against him in the 4th round of Wimbledon in 2001 and holds a French Open title which Sampras doesn’t have. Against someone like Novak Djokovic Federer has better stats in almost everything against him. So he has better stats than most players actually maybe

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