Roger O. Schafer's The Great Depression

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Living through a significantly rough time period can be difficult on the families trying to raise one at this time, but if you live though to tell the stories it’s absolutely astonishing. My grandfather, Roger O. Schafer lived through The Great Depression, WWII, also served in the Korean war. All the memories and stories my grandpa has are mind blowing, along with saddening to thinking what my grandpa had to live through along with many other civilians trying to survive. There were many responsibilities my grandfather had to learn quickly to help his family during the depression. Sense my grandpa had to encounter many different tragic times within his lifetime, I believe he’s a better knowledgable, successful individual. Especially with the excruciating events he had to face, only to better himself and his life, along with many different other people by my grandpa expressing these tragic, agonizing, breathtaking stories like he has done for me. …show more content…

Who you may ask was the president at the time? Herbert Hoover born 1874 in West Branch, Iowa. This economic depression began in the late1920s and ended late 1930s. Furthermore, September 1929, the stock prices started to dissipate which was mentioned amongst many different people. Unfortunately, on October 1929, people were being informed that the New York stock market had crashed. In fact, many different banks at this time shutdown with several million citizens hard earned savings. Therefore, over the next few year many face the hardest times of their lives; their employment being taken, food being scarce to

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