Roger Scruton's Article The Idea Of A University

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I am addressing my fellow classmates of Ivy Tech, as well as professor Chung. I will be analyzing the rhetorical qualities of Roger Scruton’s article The Idea of a University. Scruton wrote this article in response to the expected beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman by Pope Benedict XVI. Scruton wanted to inform his audience of what he considered to be Newman’s most important work. I hope to enlighten my readers on Scruton’s style of writing by a close scrutiny of his rhetorical features within The Idea of a University. Roger Scruton wrote primarily to those involved in the modern university, either students or parents of students. Scruton informed these parents and students of the pitfalls and waste within the modern university. Next Scruton sought to persuade his readers that a reform was necessary to the modern idea of a university. He used the Catholic University of Ireland, of which Cardinal Newman was rector, as a model university, then he attempted to appeal to the readers common sense when considering college to convince them of his point. Scruton lists off commonly known facts about universities today, such as the plethora of useless classes and the bloated prices. The introductory and first few body paragraphs focus on the on…show more content…
However students in any university will receive only a partial education of facts and worldly wisdom because they lack the fear of the LORD. Psalm 111:10 declares, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (NASB). Scruton attempted to appeal to his readers common sense however he did not appeal strongly to the readers common morals. Each of us beings, made in God’s Image, has a common moral code that all men share at least part of. Scruton should have appealed to this aspect of men to truly drive his point
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