Roger Williams: Hero Of Liberty

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A Neglected Hero of Liberty
What are the main people you think of when the word “religious freedom” and “God given rights” pop up, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. What about Roger Williams, didn't think so, those three actually championed his Williams idea of Sole Liberty. He did everything possible for society in his time to accept his idea. Roger Williams became who is because of religious intolerance, contributes to religious equality and freedom today, and represents bravery and fairness.
Roger Williams is who is because of religious intolerance, this is because of religious persecution, the civil-religious structure. Roger Williams was born in London during the rule of King James I. During this time there was mass religious persecution (“Religion and the Founding of the American RepublicAmerica as Religious Refuge: The
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Williams upset the General Court and before being able to be arrested he went off to Massachusetts, later negotiated with Narragansett setup Providence and promised separation of church and state and religious freedom (“The Americans” 52). This opinion was not widely accepted so other colonist considered Rhode Island trash. Either way his ideas on royal charter influenced other colonies like New Jersey and Carolina. If he didn't have such radical ideas today would be a lot different. For example, today policeman or an authority figure in the United States is forbidden to force or reject any religious belief. His ideas were only appreciated now, before Winthrop was the main man most people had the same idea as him, as a Puritan society. Williams was so irrelevant no one noticed he died until and week or two later. Even though his impact while he was alive was extremely minimum, today it made a huge difference in the United
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