Roger Williams: Master Of Liberty And Religious Liberty

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Born in London in 1603, Roger Williams grew up in St. Sepulchre. Near his hometown was Smithfield were numerous burnings of supposed heretics and Puritans took place. This is most likely why Roger had such strong beliefs in civic and religious liberties. During his teen years Williams went to Pembroke College at Campbell University and graduated in 1627. Once graduated, he was a chaplain for a wealthy family and would marry one of the daughters of that family, but Williams soon decided to leave England to the New World. Arriving in Boston Massachusetts in 1631, Roger Williams would soon become a very important religious leader for the colonies. Roger Williams was a young outspoken man who challenged the puritan ideals and beliefs, and once banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, would found the safe haven state (for several religions) of Rhode Island.
Roger Williams had many ideals and characteristics about him that made him a unique religious and political leader. One of the biggest
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Williams was actually kicked out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony for these beliefs. Roger believed in what he called “Soul Liberty” which meant that liberty of conscience was necessary because no one could know for certain which form of religion was the true one God intended. Williams believed that everyone had the right to worship God how they saw fit. Also, he believed that no matter what religion you affiliated with; Quaker, Jew, Catholic, or some other religion, you had the right to think that way, whether he agreed or disagreed with it. Although, for example, he did not like the Puritan ways or beliefs he would tolerate the people who did. Roger Williams ultimately declared that Christ’s true church could not be known among men until Christ himself returned to establish it. Another huge belief Williams had was the separation of church and state. Roger was a big encourager
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