Rogerian Argument Against Abortion

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For an extended number of years, society has had opposing views of abortion, the act of ending a pregnancy before birth, resulting in the death of an embryo or a fetus. Before and during the 1800s, all surgical procedures were risky due to the lack of education, sterilization and hospitals, and abortion was merely a thought. Once medical techniques resulted in more success, abortion became not just a thought, but an option for many women, though the procedure was usually done by illegal practitioners. Because of the newly formed American Medical Association calling abortion an immoral and dangerous act, abortion was fiercely looked down upon. By 1910, all but one state had criminalized abortion except where necessary. In the years 1967 through…show more content…
In this point of view, abortion is seen as an act of taking a life. On the opposite side of pro-life, is pro-choice. These people tend to be more liberal and are in favor of women choosing whether or not to have their children. They see the embryo as a fetus, and not as a life. Because of the varied perspectives, it is difficult to find a solution that sits well with everyone. Some of the possible solutions could be adoption, an increase in sex education, or outreach programs for those who do not have reliable forms of birth control or contracepts, just to name a few. According to one study, there are thirty-six families wanting to adopt for every one child that is available for adoption. There is a good chance that when a woman has a baby and puts it up for adoption, a family is looking to adopt the child. Another solution would be to implement more sex education for people, especially kids. The more children know about sex, the more informed they are, and they tend to make better decisions. Although many could be greatly educated on the topic, some just do not have the contraception or birth
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