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From the Rogerian Argument, “Debate about Grant Reform in Indiana,” the author gathered the opposition’s stance for why Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) does not increase funding for part-time students. According to CHE, exclusively part-time students have very low completion rates in both two-year and four-year institutions; less than 4% in eight years at a four year institution compared to switchers in the same time frame completion rates are 75.3%. At the two-year institutions, exclusively part-time students are slightly higher in a six year program, students completion rates are less than 9% compared to switchers who complete in six years at 56.5% (Indiana Commission for Higher Education. “Indiana Part-Time College Students.”…show more content…
The audience for the Rogerian argument could include Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Indiana General Assembly, postsecondary institutions, students seeking higher education, and Ivy Tech administration. The tone or attitude of the Rogerian argument by the author toward the CHE, IGA, lawmakers, and postsecondary institutions clearly changed substantially within the parameters of grant reform in Indiana. The tone proceeded through the Rogerian argument with the choice of words and the author’s viewpoints portrayed on grant reform. The voice formatted in the Rogerian argument represented the discussion of “Debate about Grant Reform in Indiana,” in a semi-formal avenue and the author provided a specific points to convey the opposition’s viewpoints relative to current debates such as equality of funding, higher return on investment, and increasing completion rates. The Rogerian argument improved the author’s research and writing skills by not only finding research to support her viewpoints, but also finding research for the opposition’s viewpoints. By collecting viewpoints from both sides of the spectrum, the author provided the critical readers and viewers a solid argument,

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