Rogers And Hammerstein's Cinderella Analysis

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The 2013 reboot of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic, Cinderella, has captured audiences with its beautiful costumes, classic score, and a revised book with a couple of twists. Their performance at the Tennessee Theatre went spectacularly well. Their amazing cast brought the timeless tale to life and left the audience in awe of the amazing spectacle. Cinderella begins by showing two characters, Cinderella, (Tatyana Lubov), the orphan who is enslaved to her cruel stepmother, and Prince Topher, (Hayden Stanes), who struggles to find a purpose for his life. While Topher has slain a thousand beasts and is the most desired man in the kingdom, he does not know who he is, and in hopes that he will discover this somehow, his royal advisor organizes …show more content…

On the other side you want to stay true to the original Rogers and Hammerstein musical that you are retelling. Yet there was also a clear message in the story that was not in the original Rogers and Hammerstein or the Disney version. In this version there is a crisis in the kingdom, where the poor are being exploited by the rich and powerful. This is not only shown in the situation between the evil advisor and the people, but also in the dynamic between Cinderella and her stepmother. Thus, as the story progresses, you can see the theme of reconciliation and justice in both the relationship between Cinderella and Madame, and also with the poor people of the kingdom, and their new king Topher. In the show, the solution to help the people was to take ideas from a book about other countries and …show more content…

The spectacle left me hanging my jaw, trying to comprehend what just happened. The songs and dances were particularly enjoyable and touching. The characters were relatable, and the message was an important one. My only critique would be that their choice to make Cinderella choose her destiny by leaving her shoe with the Prince, made the plot very predictable and unexciting near the end. When the Prince finds the girl whom the shoe fits it is meant to be a wonderful touching moment, however I was simply left wondering why she couldn’t have revealed her identity at her second meeting with the Prince. While the show progressed well, the end didn’t bring as satisfying a conclusion as it could

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